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Welcome to Beijing Meizheng Bio-Tech Group

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Company Profile


Meizheng Group aims to provide solutions in bio-science area. The main research area includes food safety & environment monitoring and related life sciences technology.

We obtain a broad technological platform to realize the products and services provision, including Enzyme linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Immunoaffinity Columns (IAC), Gold Immunochromatography Assay (GICA), automated chemiluminescent immunoassay equipment systems and other related diagnostic kits.

MZ pursues long-term and sustained growth with well-trained employees. Our mission is to establish measurable improvement process for supply chain, R&D and marketing in order to provide high quality products timely to meet customers’ satisfaction.

The product line covers ToxinFast mycotoxins testing consumables and instruments, mycotoxins testing, PCR testing kits, antibiotics & veterinary drug residue testing, illegal additives testing, microbiology/hygiene products, heavy metal testing, antibodies, antibodies purification, proteins, protein purification, enzymes and other related products.

MZ will be your excellent and reliable partner and solution provider of food safety testing, environment monitoring, and bio-solutions. We have successfully helped numerous customers globally to establish their own laboratory with lower cost and higher efficiency.

Our aim is to help customers all over the world to solve problems in biotechnological industry and make progress together.